Rotational Molding or Rotomolding

All Form offers two state-of-the-art rotomolding machines for jobs big and small.

Our smaller unit focuses on custom dock wheels and are new unit can produce products of any size, much faster.

Rotomolding is a less expensive form of manufacturing than other types of molding since it uses lower pressure and produces products that are seamless for added strength and stability.

Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding, is a thermoplastic molding process best suited for large, one-piece hollow parts and double-walled open containers such as tanks, kayaks, and coolers. It’s most cost-effective for production volumes of less than 3,000 annually, making it ideal for inventors, start-ups, and small businesses.

Rotomolding is often used for parts that require high-quality finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, and high stability. Features such as inserts and spin weld attachments can be incorporated directly into the rotomold and foaming can be used to create thermal insulation and stiffness.

Unlike competitive processes such as blow molding and thermoforming, rotomolding produces no pinch-off seams or weld lines, resulting in a finished product without the use of secondary processes.